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Terms and Conditions



By submitting your order yu automatically approve these terms & conditions where you are labeled as a customer that enters a binding agreement.

  1. Orders
  1. When the customer orders items via the webshop they make an offer to conclude a purchase agreement.
  2. While we do our utmost to update our webshop as accurate as possible, the warehouse of Younithy is subject to change. Therefor we reserve the right to, in the event if the stock level was incorrect or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, not deliver the requested product(s).
  3. Younithy resereves the right to adjust or alter the prices of our products at our discretion at any given time. The same applies for our right to mention the correct price for an item that was incorrectly stated on the webshop at the time of ordering.
  4. In case we are unable to deliver, the customer is contacted and will be given the opportunity to cancel the order. This in accordance with the terms in the confirmation of the order. In case of an advanced payment your money will be refunded within 30 days. When the product is available for later delivery a new date will be offered. Although it is nt desirable you will also have the options to ancel the order.
  5. Younithy reserves the right to  cancel the orders at any time.
  6. If no payment is made, we will cancel the order.
  1. Payment
  1. We offer a wide range of payment types via:
  2. As soon as you order is submitted to our webshop, you will receive a notification e-mail with the details and any optionel payment options.
  3. For any question about your order, feel free to contact us at: We will reply you within 24 hours.
  1. Shipping & Returns
  1. Shipping only within NL.
  2. We will be using PostNL as our shipping partner. Our rade scan be found on our Shippinng page. When we will dispatch your order you’ll receive a tracking code to follow your order proces.
  1. Delivery status. 
  1. As soon as your package(s) is at the sorting centre of our shipping partner you will receive a tracking code to follow your order proces.
  1. Product quality & defective products.
  1. At Younithy we shoot the photos on the webshop and the galleries with great care. We do our utmost best to show you the product in it’s true form, fit and colour in an atmosphere that suits the brand. If the product you’ve received doesn’y match with the images or discription on our webshop, feel free to return* the product or get in contact with our customer service py phone or mail (*read our return policy here)
  2. After receiving the product we will look if we approve the claim, when this is the case you will be informed. We will then send you a new product along with compensation return-shipping costs, or we will refund you for both the product and the return-shipping costs.
  3. When you decide to return and we are unable to replace your product we will provide you with a discount code fort he amount you have paid fort he faulty product. 
  4. Younithy return & refund policy.
    1. All salesare final on sales items, we do not do price matching or price adjustments. After receiving your merchandise you have the right to open the package and check if everything is there, but the product must be returned in an unused state. The item(s) must be returned to us within 14days after receiving. The product shall be returned inside the original packaging, incl. price labes etc. Without having been tampered with. Pls note that, until the product reaches us, you are responsible for it. Also pls return the package together with a dispatch number, so we will be able tot race it. The product must be complete with the original sales invoice and return form. Younithy is not responsible for return-shipping costs.
    2. Return Policy Requirements. When the returned merchandise doesn’t meet our requirements we reserve the right to refuse the return or exchange. All the original packaging must be accompanied with the item including the accesoires, price tages, hangtags and  authenticity cards. The item itself must be returned in its original condition. 
    3. Am I responsible fort he return-shipping costs? Yes, you will be charged fort he return-shipping costs. We strongly recommend purchasing tracking and or delivery confirmation. This is because of the fact that you are responsible of the package when it gets lost or otherwise not received.
    4. Is it possible to return or exchange my items at the Younithy store? Yes, it is possible to return or exchange your online bought product at our store. It will there be handled the same way we would with a product that was returned via shipment.
  1. How to make an Exchange / Exchange policy.

If you want to exchange your product please contact us via Please do this as soon as possible to ensure the desired other colour or size of your product is reserved for you. The maximum amount of days to exchange is 14 days after receiving it. All full price items are eligible for a onetime exchange. The same term and conditions apply to exchanges as they do to returns. Note that extra shipping costs may apply to an exchange.

  1. Discount codes & Surprise gifts.
  1. Discount codes will be valid for a period of 3 months and can be used for a full or part payment of your* order via Younithy. Discount codes aren’t personel and the three months period starts from the moment the discount code is obtained or from the date an item has been returned. Thesse discount codes aren’t exchangable for cash. (* After you use the discount code to purchase something from the webshop it expires. The remaining amount will expire also, so we advise to use the total amount by shopping a little bit more)
  2. With a total order value above €200,- you will receive a surprise gift with your order. The content differs everytime. Order the same product in, for example, two sizes, because you don’t know which size you need? In this case we will not add a surprise gift. Have you received a surprise gift with your order but you are returning the product? Then you should also return the surprise gift.
  1. Use of content / press
  1. All the content found on the webside and webshop of Younithy including logo’s, photographs, and videos belong to Younithy or parties we work with.
  2. In the case you would like to use some of our content that is on our webside, like images from the website, the blog or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us. (
  3. Company details

Confonnect BV / Younithy / Westzijde 36 / 1506 EE Zaandam / The Netehrlands.

  1. Feedback & Inquiries

We are pleased to receive /answer any feedback or enquiries concerning Younithy at


Sneaker and urban event

Sneak on you

"In July 2022, Younithy hosted a remarkable sneaker event that brought together sneaker enthusiasts and collectors from various corners. Our store transformed into a vibrant marketplace, showcasing an array of exclusive sneakers offered by diverse vendors. The event was not just about sneakers; it was a celebration of streetstyle culture.

Guests enjoyed the casual ambiance, complemented by a selection of refreshments and snacks, adding a touch of conviviality to their shopping experience. The highlight of the event was the live T-shirt printing demonstration, featuring a unique printing technique. These specially crafted T-shirts, available for purchase, were a hit among attendees, adding an interactive and creative flair to the day.

The event was more than a shopping experience; it was a gathering of like-minded individuals sharing their passion for sneakers and streetstyle. The success of the event was evident in the lively exchanges, the smiles of satisfaction, and the community spirit that filled our store. It was a testament to Younithy's commitment to bringing people together through the love of fashion and creativity."

christmas event


"In December 2023, Younithy proudly hosted 'Saentje', a Christmas event that beautifully captured the essence of the festive season while fostering a sense of community. This event was not just a celebration of the holidays, but a reflection of our commitment to bringing people together.

Set in the heart of our store, Saentje offered a curated selection of Christmas gifts and exclusive merchandise, including a special line of our own clothing, uniquely designed for the event. The atmosphere was one of understated elegance, with tasteful decorations creating a warm and inviting space.

Saentje was more than a gathering; it was a showcase of Younithy's dedication to creating events that resonate with our community's values. The success of the evening was evident in the smiles and shared experiences of our guests, reinforcing the unique bond we have with our community during the holiday season and beyond."